Friday, September 26, 2008


Yesterday the presidential race was a tie according to Gallup. Today, Barack's pulled back into a 3 point lead. Rasmussen, which had Barack up 3% yesterday, now has him up 5%.

It’s stunning to note how rapidly the dynamics of the campaign have changed. Two weeks ago, just before the Wall Street financial crunch became visible, McCain was up by three points in the aftermath of his convention. One week ago today, the candidates were even. Now, Obama’s lead is approaching new highs entering the final few weeks of the campaign.

Obama now leads by five among unaffiliated voters. Last week, the unaffiliated voters were leaning in McCain’s direction.

In a new Battleground poll, Democrats have a 5% advantage over the GOP in generic party preference, but McCain leads the presidential race by 2%.

All this poll watching is largely recreation today, as the bailout bill combined with tonight's debate provide such large potential to redefine the race.

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