Monday, September 22, 2008

Debate Week

This is a big week in the presidential race, as debates kick off Friday night. A single moment of a single debate can create a defining moment - something that John McCain has to be careful about. There are more subtle pitfalls that Barack is more likely to succumb to - will he come across as arrogant, lacking in passion, or too intellectual, turning off working class voters once and for all?

Jerry Ford and Mike Dukakis virtually blew their elections with simple blunders on easy questions. Ronald Reagan won America over with his sense of humor, defusing the age issue with a one liner. TV was so new and untested as a political tool that Richard Nixon lost over five o'clock shadow and shifty eyes.

Get the popcorn ready - Friday night will be bigtime fun.

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Anonymous said...

The only times I've seen Obama as an itellectual, is when he reads from a teleprompter. I've seen him many times trying to answers questions off the cuff, and quite frankly, he sounds like a blundering fool. Er. uh, er, it's Bush's fault.