Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gun Show

The NRA's never been big on John McCain. After all, he supported closing the "Gun Show Loophole."

But the NRA does what democracy requires of us - deciding between the lesser of two evils. So they're spending forty million dollars in support of John McCain. Or - against Barack Obama.

And they have several good ads out there to drive the point home.

"Where is this guy from?" asks the star of one ad, in a question that is sure to send shivers down the spines of those who find the most innocent inquiries into Barack's background to be laced with racism.

Barack has done his best to appear gun-friendly.
But the point is clear: If you're a hunter, Barack Obama is not anything like you. And if he doesn't understand your concerns, he sure doesn't deserve your vote.

Obama has been fighting the notion that he opposes gun rights, stressing on the stump that he backs Second Amendment protections. His campaign has released a radio ad featuring American Hunters and Shooters Association head Ray Schoenke telling hunters the Democratic nominee won't come for their guns.

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