Thursday, September 4, 2008

Are You Experienced?

What do Americans think about the way Palin's been ravaged by the media?
Last night’s polling shows that, by a ten-to-one margin, voters believe
reporters are trying to hurt Palin’s campaign rather than help. Republicans and
unaffiliated voters strongly believe that a double standard is being applied to
Palin because she is a woman. Democrats disagree.

The experience debate has been raging, and I've been predicting that this would play to the advantage of McCain/Palin. Let them keep it up!
Perhaps most stunning is that, among unaffiliated voters, just 42% believe
Obama has better experience than Palin to be President. Thirty-seven percent
(37%) say Palin has the edge on experience. Again, most of the interviews for
this survey were completed before Palin’s well-received speech last night.

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