Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bounce Away, Bounce Here.

Barack's convention bounce has been wiped out, even though viewers of McCain's Thursday night speech won't be fully included in the Tracking Poll results until tomorrow's update. Earlier, Rasmussen called the race a tie, and now
The latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update shows John McCain moving ahead of Barack Obama, 48% to 45%, when registered voters are asked for whom they would vote if the presidential election were held today.
This is a big move for McCain, showing the excitement created by Sarah Palin's addition to the ticket, and a very strong convention.
It is the largest advantage for McCain, though still within the 2-point margin of error, since May.

The 48 percent also registers the largest raw number McCain has received in the poll since Gallup started its daily tracking of the two presidential candidates in March. McCain matched that number in May.

The next few days will be needed to allow the impacts of the conventions to be fleshed out in the polls.
It also marks the expected bounce for the Republican coming immediately out of the convention. Obama experienced a similar bounce following the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention in Denver the week before. At that time, he led McCain 49-43 percent.

Also, a new Zogby poll shows McCain holding a 4 point lead.

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