Thursday, September 4, 2008

Education Bigots

One of the most disturbing aspects of the criticism that Governor Palin faces is the bigotry of the educational elites. Here is a letter to the editor to the Boston Globe that is striking for the failure of its author to be so condescending without being the least bit self-conscious.

I WILL not be voting for John McCain in November. One must question his judgment for selecting as his running mate an inexperienced politician from a sparsely populated state to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Her experience being better than Barack's is apparently invisible to this guy because - Barack is brilliant. He can only see the size of Alaska in terms of population, but misses the challenges of its size and the significance of its natural resources.

If the McCain-Palin ticket triumphs in November, then the rest of the world will scratch their heads wondering how a brilliant black man and his running mate who is highly versed in foreign policy lost to a less experienced and less scholarly ticket.

Ah, did you catch that dig on "scholarly." Education can only come from Harvard, not from leading men into combat, surviving years being tortured, or working your way up from nowhere to become a governor. Can you believe how stupid smart people can be?

In terms of Palin's daughter, Bristol, I am not disturbed by her pregnancy.

But I am deeply perplexed why her parents would encourage this 17-year-old to marry. This grave failure in parental judgment renders Palin's ability to serve as a global leader quite suspect.

Yup - the idea of people taking responsibility for their actions is beyond him as well.


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