Wednesday, September 10, 2008

North Korea

Question - A new international crisis is good news for which candidate for President?

Answer - the one who is qualified for the job.

Kim Jong-il, North Korea's leader, is seriously ill and is likely to have suffered a stroke weeks ago, American officials said Tuesday, raising the prospect of a chaotic power struggle in nuclear-armed North Korea.
McCain really started to turn his campaign around with his reaction to the Russian invasion of Georgia last month. Now, the news is playing to his benefit once again.

Kim's health is a topic of intense interest among governments and security experts, especially because Western officials are unclear about who would succeed the man known as the "Dear Leader."

North Korea is one of the world's most isolated and unpredictable states, and a messy transfer of power would focus new attention on the security of its nuclear weapons arsenal.

McCain had experience enough to seize the moment that Georgia represented. He has experience with Korea as well.

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