Friday, September 5, 2008

Price is no object

The GOP will have all the money needed to run an effective campaign against Barack Obama.
John McCain's campaign expects to leave the Republican National Convention with $200 million in the bank and be able to match the Democrats' spending in the next two months, an aide said.
The concern over money was always a media story, not a reality based one.

McCain will depart from the St. Paul, Minnesota, convention with $84.1 million in federal funds and the Republican National Committee will have about $125 million, the campaign aide said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Fundraisers are working to bring in another $80 million to $100 million over the next two months, the aide said.
In reality, you can only spend so much money effectively over two months, and these sorts of numbers are plenty.

With an increase in fundraising following McCain's choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, Republicans say they are no longer in danger of being swamped by Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama's campaign cash.

In retrospect, the Obama campaign might be wishing they'd made their candidates change image more important than the money, and stayed in the federal system. $100 million might not be enough to buy back the points he lost on integrity by going back on his promises.

Obama, 47, has raised more than $400 million for his presidential campaign. Since clinching the nomination in June, he has raised about $80 million a month for his campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

His fundraising goal, if met, may mean $100 million more to spend on the campaign than the Republicans.

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Anonymous said...

It is sickening how much $ and time is spent on campaigning. This donated $ could be more wisely spent...duh.