Friday, September 5, 2008

Warm-up Act

The GOP has its ticket, one that has the competent, experienced, mature candidate on the top of the ticket, and the exciting newcomer in the learning position.
Mr McCain may be the Republican candidate for president, but on his big night in the spotlight he seemed, at times to be playing second fiddle to his running-mate.

With the inexperienced candidate on the top of the ticket, lacking in maturity and vetting, and the 35 year Washington veteran at the bottom, doesn't the Democratic ticket seem scrambled?

There were several moments when the crowd stood up and applauded loudly during the McCain speech, but at times they seemed to be rousing themselves rather than being roused. Applauding the ideas, rather than the language or the delivery.

McCain's speech was a sober event last night - without the passion and fire that Sarah Palin delivered the night before. But I, for one, feel much more confident having the rock star be the warm-up act.

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