Saturday, August 30, 2008

But Sarah: Johnny Hardly Knew Ye

Since when did knowing the VP in advance of her selection become important? Liberals are all a twitter.
John McCain first met Palin in February of this year and had a telephone conversation with her. That is the full extent of his familiarity with Palin until he spent time with her last week. That's how seriously he is taking the presidency of the United States. It's simply unbelievable recklessness. It's Bush-level recklessness.
That's Andrew Sullivan in The Atlantic. Here's Andrea Mitchell hitting the same storyline on Hardball.

Funny, I recall that FDR met Truman for the first time after his selection, likewise George Bush with Dan Quayle - and meeting Dan Quayle only makes you like him more - and Kennedy knew LBJ enough to hate him before his selection. Where does this intimacy expectation come from?

It's not nice to fool Mother News.

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