Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Exit Polls III

50% say Barack has the experience to be president.

42% say they are worse off than 4 years ago.

68% support offshore drilling

49% expect higher taxes either way.

61% say Michelle will be goof first lady

32% of voters say they will be scared if Barack wins. 30% with McCain.

51% say government should do more to solve problems, 41% say gov is doing too much.

67% worry about affording health care.

40% think Mccain is in touch

42% think Obama too liberal, but 57% think he has right judgment, vs 49% for McCain.

66% say McCain attacked Barack unfairly.

85% worried about economy next year, 81% believe it may harm their family..

6% happy with economy, 47% expect it to improve next year.

40% support the bailout, 56% oppose.

50% believe McCain will continue Bush policies.

Virginia - McCain wins white men by 19%. Good news for McCain, but that's half of what W.'s margin was for white men in VA.

Indiana - 56-41 Independents go for Barack.

Young Voters - 72-27 Barack over McCain. No increase in young voters.

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