Sunday, November 9, 2008

Making Work Pay

What a surprise. When things go bad for Americans who've been trained by liberalism to buy things they don't need with money they don't have, it is WORK that is to blame.
A middle-class tax cut will be one of President-elect Obama’s first proposals after he takes the oath of office, incoming White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel said Sunday.

In the first interview by the first appointee to the new administration, Emanuel told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on “This Week” that Obama’s economic plan “at this juncture is based on giving 95 percent of working Americans a tax cut....” During the campaign, Obama promised a $1,000 “Making Work Pay” tax credit.

As government gets more civilized (liberal), it gets more expensive. As education gets distracted by celebrations of diversity, it teaches less and it costs more. As health care has been more regulated, it's gotten more expensive.
“Over the years, the middle class has been squeezed consistently by rising costs on education, health care and energy, as well as a diminishing income,” Emanuel said. “You must have an economic program that focuses on them. … It was built on the fact that the middle had been hurt. And to have a strong recovery, and a sustained recovery over a period of time means that the middle class must the focus of the economic strategy.”

Emanuel’s chief message for the day: “We have a huge economic crisis here at home that is looming large. That is going to be the focus of his policies. … The business of what we have to do when we get sworn in is focusing on what the American people care about. Priority 1 is the economy.”
Despite his discomfort with direct answers, Emanuel got the point across - for work to pay, handouts are needed.
“Middle class families will see their taxes cut – and no family making less than $250,000 will see their taxes increase,” the campaign said. “For 95 percent of workers and their families—150 million workers overall—the ‘Making Work Pay’ credit will provide a refundable tax cut of $500 for workers or $1,000 for working couple.”

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tird of idiots said...

and of course we should have a private post office, no coast guard, or military, no police or fire protection, no federal roads, no public teachers...there should be no public anything right? Because you shouldn't have to pay a cent of your hard earned money. You'll say of course we need some of those things, the ones you like. We don't need public courts or jails but then again with no law enforcement there is no one to arrest and with no courts, no one to convict them. And if you decide to pick a few of these items you like, are any of these employees entitles to raises just like you are at your job? Of course not, because in order to give them raises we'd have to raise taxes and no american in his right mind would vote for new taxes. Power to the people!!!