Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Senate - Republican John Sununu loses in New Hampshire, Dole loses in North Carolina, but Dems won't have 60 as McConnell hangs on in Kentucky, as does Chambliss in Georgia.
Former Democratic governor Jeanne Shaheen won a rematch for the United States Senate, defeating incumbent Republican John E. Sununu in a bitterly fought campaign that attracted attention and money from across the nation.

NBC called the race for Shaheen, who will become the first female US senator in the history of New Hampshire.
Barack is taking New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. This indicates that the McCain isn't going to play out. Florida is in Barack's column, by 8% with a third of the vote in, but McCain is up 10% in Virginia with 38% reporting.

As the polls close on the east coast, Barack Obama is sweeping through Northeast states and is projected to win Pennsylvania, a battleground state that John McCain saw as a potential key to winning the election.

Obama and McCain
The economy was the number one issue to voters, according to early exit polls.
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Besides Pennsylvania, Obama is also projected to win New Hampshire, another state where McCain campaigned in closing days in the hopes of capturing its electoral votes.

Other states projected to be in Obama's column according to exit polls are Vermont, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Illinois, and three of Maine's four electoral votes.

McCain is projected to win Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina and Oklahoma.

Obama's projected victory in Pennsylvania which has 21 electoral votes was a blow to McCain's White House hopes. While it was carried by Democrat John Kerry in 2004, McCain had hoped to turn it into a red state.

"We're going to win Pennsylvania tomorrow and I'm going to be the President of the United States," McCain said at a rally Monday. "Pennsylvania will do it, and Pittsburgh will be the important area."

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