Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Exit Polls IV

Some exit poll numbers for Virginia and Indiana.
Change Voters - 92% Obama
Experience Voters - 93% McCain
Evangelicals - 78% McCain
Suburbs - 54% Barack

Independents - 58% Obama
New Voters - 68% Barack
Whites no college - 50% McCain
White Evangelicals - 66% McCain
With key states in the east, we should know fairly early how things are going, assuming they don't keep polls open very late because of large crowds. Here are the key states and when they close. McCain needs 5 out of 6 of these battleground states.
7pm - VA and Indiana

7:30 - NC and OH

8pm - FL & PA
Exit polls from battleground states:

60% of voters say the economy is the key issue, 11% name Iraq.

71% disapprove of the president.

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