Friday, October 31, 2008

Lying, Actually

Want to see a malicious campaign? Remember how Biden claimed a couple of weeks ago that Barack would be tested, like a young John Kennedy was, if he's elected. It was a shockingly stupid thing to say, but also something that you'd expect to hear out of a McCain supporter, not Obama's running mate. Look at the nasty trick used by Barack to try to escape responsibility for Biden's true words.

Biden did wrap up by saying that Barack would respond well to the threat, but that's not what he "actually" said. Here's what he actually said.

Barack has built great trust in his followers which he betrays on a daily basis. But they follow with religious ferocity, and their eyes no longer see.

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Anonymous said...

It's been one lie after another. He's been throwing his family,his connections and some of his campaign people "under the bus" all along. What do you think he will do to the American people IF elected?