Monday, October 27, 2008

Palin Magic

Sarah is magic on the campaign trail.
It may be late in the campaign, but a new catch phrase for John McCain and his presidential quest may have been unveiled today in Leesburg, Va.

Sarah Palin, speaking to a characteristically enthusiastic crowd, was reciting her tried-and-true list of criticisms of Barack Obama when she was interrupted by a chant: "Use your brain, vote McCain."

The Republican vice presidential candidate seemed genuinely surprised -- and pleased -- by the slogan.

"You betcha," she responded (using her own catch phrase). "That's good."
Palin is obviously a smarter politician than the folks managing the McCain campaign, and she's working to restore her reputation, damaged by their bad advice.
A widening split has developed between Sarah Palin and key campaign aides for John McCain, with one McCain adviser saying the Republican vice presidential candidate is going "rogue," two reports say today. Some McCain sources wonder whether Palin is intentionally making public her disagreements with campaign positions, says a CNN story (read it here).

Perhaps the biggest mistake that the McCain campaign has made is having kept Palin under wraps, then releasing only to Charlie Gibson and Katy Couric.

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Anonymous said...

Ahaha, that's rich! Even Palin was surprised by the audacious irony of that statement, coming from the most viscerally reactive people in the country.