Monday, October 6, 2008

Keating: The Movie

Here's the Obama film on John McCain and the Keating Five scandal, released today at noon. This is not a thirty second defense against the McCain campaign's attempts to spread the word about Ayers, Wright and the rest of the Obamafia. This is 13:26 of evidence as to just how desperate the campaign is to get to November 4 without Barack's past being disclosed to voters.


Anonymous said...

Yes, this was not good. Most politicians are no good. Bottom line, do you want McCain, a war hero who does love America, or Obama, a man who is a socialist, racist,one who scolds America to other countries,has deep ties to terrorists and haters of America? It's your choice.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, if Obama becomes our next president, this may be the last time you get to vote! Smarten up America and John McCain...get tough with Obama! Enough of this crap.

Anonymous said...

McCain did state that this was the worst mistake of his life-at leas he acknowledges it. When Obama is confronted with ties to crooks, terrorists and communists he always has an excuse or says it is not true.