Friday, October 10, 2008

Knowing Saul

At the convention a month ago, Republicans made a joke of Barack's number 1 presidential credential - "Community Organizer." Through ACORN, Americans can now see that community organizers are dangerous - a force to be reckoned with.

To know Barack, and to understand ACORN, start with Saul - the original community organizer.

Who gains access to the power of the presidency if Barack claims power?

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Anonymous said...

Obama's supporters (his wife is his biggest) are the far left who hate America. They are also ignorant college students, meaning they are not in touch with the real world, and are easily swayed by this guy. George Soros, members of moveon, Daily Kos, Deval Patrick, some crazy Hollywood actors, most of the media and those mentioned in the video(which are just a few more.) Obama's political machine is huge, and they will stop at nothing. It will be very bad for America if this man is the next president.
We need a president who is going to set this economy straight, and that's not the socialist Obama...he wants more taxes!