Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain Goes ACORN

ACORN is in danger of having the flow of endless taxpayer dollars going into its bank accounts slowed as a result of becoming the poster child for the mortgage meltdown. So they're fighting back.

John McCain’s presidential campaign has been on the attack against the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now for its voter registration tactics as well as its ties to rival Barack Obama. Today, Acorn fired back at McCain, accusing the Arizona senator of erratic and misleading behavior.

Personally, this nasty release only makes me hate ACORN more.

“ACORN to McCain: Have You Lost That Loving Feeling?” reads a release by the organization this afternoon, noting that McCain was the keynote speaker at a Feb. 20, 2006 Miami rally cosponsored by Acorn to build support for a comprehensive immigration reform bill co-sponsored by McCain and Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts. The bill never passed Congress.

I hope they never get another dime.

In a statement, Bertha Lewis, chief organizer of Acorn, sharply attacked McCain, suggesting the 72-year-old senator is “erratic”—a word that Republicans believe Democratic opponents use against McCain to stir up concerns about his age.

McCain, of course, should have never gone near them. But he shouldn't have been pushing amnesty for illegals either.

“Maybe it is out of desperation that Sen. McCain has forgotten that he was for Acorn before he was against Acorn; he was for immigration reform before he was against immigration reform; and he was a maverick before he became erratic,” Lewis said.

Erratic, by the way, is code for old. Stop the bigotry.

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Anonymous said...

Watching ACORN defenders and employees on Fox News Channel makes one want to punch a wall.

These frauds consistently make the argument that the bogus registrations "need to be sent" to the Boards of Election, and that ACORN can't be responsible if someone lies and registers more than once.

What the ACORN frauds leave out is that Fox News Channel's Eric Shawn and other reporters have actually uncovered and broadcast reports of those who were told by ACORN voter registration employees to sign multiple registrations (the record as of this comment post is 73 by one man in Ohio who spoke with Fox News Channel).

In the same report, another Ohio man stated he was asked to sign multiple forms to help a registrar keep his or her job getting new voters registered for ACORN.

Both claim they were not informed of the obvious illegality of these actions, and were encouraged by ACORN employees to complete the forms.

This organization has a long history of shakedowns and failed attempts at shakedowns, from large corporations to small banks and Democrat (and moderate "Republican" McCain-type) politicians.

If Barack HUSSEIN Obama wins this election, he can thank the get-out-the-voter-fraud efforts of ACORN.

-Joe from Brighton