Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Race

Will McCain keep the attack up on Obama? Let's hope so - the world needs to know the truth about him. And, it seems to be disrupting the movement toward Barack. While Gallup jumped to an 11 point Barack lead yesterday and remains there today, it is an outlier. The other current polls are much closer - Rasmussen has dropped from an 8% to a 5% Obama lead over the past two days, and Zogby is at 4% today.

Gallup Tracking10/06 - 10/082761 RV5241Obama +11
Rasmussen Tracking10/06 - 10/083000 LV5045Obama +5
Hotline/FD Tracking10/06 - 10/08852 LV4741Obama +6
Reuters/CSpan/Zogby Tracking10/06 - 10/081203 LV4844Obama +4
GW/Battleground Tracking10/05 - 10/08800 LV4845Obama +3


Mickey White said...

This is 100% off topic, but I really need some help. I recieved an e-mail today with a vile racist picture of a man on a bike with a terrible saying on it and you guessed it A McCain/Palin sticker on it. I got this from a black friend that I think of as my brother. I was immediately suspicious of the e-mail and started looking around on line so far I found it on a blog and (a huge black gossip site) the blogger claims he got it via e-mail from someone who took it from a camera phone. I think it this is the work of the Obama people. I’m not saying it’s a fake photo but the distribution alone smells of Obama Storm Troopers.

If this is their doing, I want them to be found out as the race baiters they are. Please help. I don’t post here often so please feel free to check out my blog to verify that I am NOT a troll. I’m just a girl who is almost in tears that someone I love thinks I’m racist for voting for McCain.

We must stop Obama.
I've posted this on a few blogs hoping to get some help.

Yankeegal said...

Just remember Kerry was up in the polls as well. The MSM was declaring him the winner and we all know what happened...