Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tight! (or not?)

Zogby - Barack ahead by 3.8%

The race for the White House has developed a familiar ebb and flow in advance of tonight’s final presidential debate, as Democratic Party presidential nominee Barack Obama remains slightly ahead of Republican John McCain, but cannot seem to break away, the latest results from the Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby daily tracking telephone poll shows.

Hotline - Barack by 8%
- Obama is carrying nearly twice as many as GOPers as McCain is Dems. In
the latest Diageo/Hotline tracking poll, 11% of GOPers support Obama while
McCain takes just 6% of Dems.
- Obama is now leading McCain 52-34% on who LVs prefer to handle the economy; among Indies, he's up even more, 49-28%.
- 62% of LVs believe the economy is the most important issue facing the U.S.


shirtsbyeric said...

He's gonna need a bigger bus.

Anonymous said...

This is so wrong. McCain should be carrying all 50 states!