Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tighter Still

The new Zogby poll shows that Barack's lead in the presidential race is under 3 points as the slow trend to McCain continues.
McCain now trails Obama by 2.7 points, down from the 3.9 point deficit he faced 24 hours earlier. Seven-point-one percent of the likely voters surveyed said they remain undecided. Obama lost five-tenths of a point from yesterday's report, while McCain gained another six-tenths of a point. It was the third consecutive day in which Obama's numbers slipped and McCain's numbers increased.

Gallup has Barack leading by 2%, while Rasmussen grows his lead a point to 6%.
McCain has once again moved above 45% support overall, a mark he has not seen since the second day of daily tracking reports. Obama's slip under 48% support is the first time at that level in nearly a week. He now stands within one-tenth of a percent of where he stood when the Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby daily tracking began almost two weeks ago. McCain is within two-tenths of a percent of where he was when the tracking poll began.

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Anonymous said...

if you look at the Gallup registered voters it's 10 points - so you can see where they are getting their double digit numbers.

also, the gallup poll jumped from 2 - 3% for the "traditional" voter. I don't think this is a "traditional" year.