Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Where is the Love?

Where are the ads? The 527 created campaign that should be re-creating the Swift Boat attacks of four years ago - something Barack's shady past makes him far more vulnerable to than Kerry ever was. Is it possible that the big money GOP donors aren't that interested this time?

This ad demonstrates how easy it is to produce very effective ads on Barack - and Vets for Freedom is paying to run it in California, a Democratic stronghold!

The group, Vets for Freedom, has been active in several battleground states. But this is its first ad buy in California, which is considered to be firmly in Obama's column. His Republican rival, John McCain, is making only token campaign efforts in the state.

With the economic crisis controlling the news cycle, keeping the country reminded of how much people want "change," no matter how random or ill advised, McCain needs to educate about the Obamafia - the Reverends, the terrorist, the Briber, et al.

I fear they're planning a last minute attack campaign, which may be too late.

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Anonymous said...

If the American people want socialism instead of a democracy, then let them vote in Obama. The communist world leaders want him as president, so I guess they would know what's best for America.