Monday, April 21, 2008

Barack Stalls

Hillary has a 7 point lead in Pennsylvania according to today's Quinnipiac poll, a 1 point improvement for Clinton from a week ago. We can now see the effects of Barack's bitterness - his slow march toward catching Hillary has been stopped cold by the week-long controversy, with the vote being held tomorrow.
"Pennsylvania voters apparently made up their minds a couple of weeks ago and nothing has happened since to change them. An extraordinary turnout effort by Sen. Barack Obama's campaign could snatch this victory from Sen. Hillary Clinton, but that does not appear likely," said Clay F. Richards, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.
A Suffolk University poll also released today shows Hillary with a ten point lead, and more ominous trends for democrats, as 40% of voters are conflicted over what they'll do if their candidate doesn't get the nomination:
In addition to the 20% of disgruntled Democratic voters defecting to McCain, another 4% would vote for independent Ralph Nader, and 20% were undecided about what they would ultimately do in November.

Zogby's tracking poll shows Hillary up 6 points in Pennsylvania, making the Suffolk numbers at the extreme end of the spectrum.

McCain leads Hillary and McCain both by 5 points in national head to head
tracking polls by Rasmussen.

Barack leads Hillary by the same 5 points in their national poll. Gallup shows the democrats divided by just two points with Barack in the lead.

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