Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What's so different?

One of the fun things about monitoring the Obama campaign is that since he's practicing a new kind of politics, everything he does becomes a template for how our political system will operate going forward. That means we have to watch carefully to see how the new will differ from the old. How is the politics of hope, unity and transparency different from the evil sort of politics practiced by the bad politicians of today?

Traditionally, politicians who are guaranteed to win an election don't risk messing it up by taking part in democracy - they refuse to schedule debates. And those who are newcomers, or trying to crack the foundation of support that their opponent might possess, are always eager for the opportunity to go one-on-one.
Certainly one thing we can expect from Barack's new kind of politics is access.

So with Barack scheduled to win North Carolina handily, will Barack do the old kind of evil politics and duck debates with Hillary, or will he show his commitment to access and transparency and take part in debates?

Yup. You guessed it. Hope goes out the window when the politics of change meets a twenty point lead:

"In a telephone interview with the Observer to discuss his economic plan, Obama doubted whether a proposed April 27 debate at Raleigh's RBC Center would fit with his schedule."

The more things change...

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