Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Whose Story?

It appears that Hillary will win Pennsylvania with a 7-10 point margin (16% of the vote is tallied as I write), and the question is - does Hillary's story line start to take hold? Outspent 3-1, can her argument that Barack is a flawed candidate become an accepted fact amongst democrats?

The backbone of the party must know that they can't win with Barack as the nominee. The problem is, how do they dump him without causing disastrous pain to the party? And how badly do they want to considering their disdain for the Clintons?

While Hillary's argument is dead on, democrats can't walk away from the fact that Barack is leading in vote totals and delegates without betraying those things they pretend to believe in - democracy, minorities, liberalism and change.

They're stuck with the flawed candidate.

But the festivities continue. And Hillary continues to tear Barack up for John McCain - at least for two more weeks.

What fun!

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