Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Real Storyline

The piece of Barack Obama that America hasn't figured out yet, but surely will, is that he has a screw loose.

He thinks there's nothing wrong with hanging around with guys who haven't blown up buildings since "I was 8 years old." He thinks there's nothing wrong with a major university hiring a guy like this to teach. He thinks there's nothing wrong with accepting the support of a guy like this to launch his political career. How is this possible? He's sympathetic. He's a liberal.

Barack thinks there's nothing wrong with building a close personal and political bond with a man who is filled with contempt for America. He thinks there's nothing wrong with sitting in that man's church as he spews racially divisive venom like "Goddam the U.S.A." How is this possible? He understands. He's a liberal.

Obama wants a political career. That takes money. Does it matter if that money comes from the sleaziest of sources? Is it a problem to buy a fancy house in a cozy deal in which the wife of said sleazy source buys the adjacent land and does a land swap, using money of questionable origins. Nah. He needs his comfort. He's a liberal.

Here's the story that America doesn't know about Barack Obama. He's not black. He didn't grow up poor. He's not building any bridges between cultures. Barack grew up rich in the most important way - rich in the love and support of his white suburban family. He grew up intellectually rich, attending the finest schools in the nation. He wasn't fathered by some random hip hop street-kid, his father was so bright he was brought to this country to study.

Barack as a member of America's intellectual elite is the real story line, and its the one that Pennsylvanians started to pick up on, and the rest of the country is sure to follow. It's a slow process, but once one picks up on this reality, the illusion of Barack as the Messiah fizzles.


Candace from Illinois said...

Barack ("messiah", as you refer to him) lives in and wants to lead an upside down kingdom where wrong is right and right is wrong.

This is one of the clearest, most succinct, spot- on posts you've done. You've nailed it.

Todd Feinburg said...

Thank goodness I'm getting better at this, Candace. Let's see if I can ever do it again!