Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Will this be the Wright Speech?

Last time Reverend Wright threatened to destabilize the Obama campaign, he changed the subject to one of race.

Now, the Reverend is back, proving that Barack was deflecting - this is about how radical and contemptuous of this country Barack is that he sat around for 20 years listening to a guy who hates America.

Politico.com is reporting in a rather incoherent posting, and Drudge is linking, that Barack said at a campaign event that he's going to give another Wright speech.

A 'big press conference' on Wright

Obama is asked about Wright by a woman in Winston-Salem who tells the audience to watch his PBS interview, which will quell their concerns.

"I’m going to be having a big press conference afterward to talk about this Obama says, then refers back to a story the woman told about a mother having to borrow month to get to work.

"This is diverting attention from the first story that you told," Obama says.

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