Saturday, April 19, 2008

Init to Winnit

Analysts keep misunderstanding what Hillary is up to. They talk like she doesn't know that the nomination belongs to Barack. Hillary isn't dumb, as she reminded us the other night, but she thinks everyone else is, and she's been proven correct thusfar.

How could Hillary be counting on a strategy of winning over the Super Delegates when they keep swinging toward Barack? The Super D's have no interest in her - the party can't stand the Clintons - and a big part of the irrational exuberance over Barack comes from their glee over the notion that it might be possible to win a national election without the involvement of Bill and Hill.

Meanwhile, an AP analysis shows Barack likely to get within 100 delegates of the 2025 needed for the nomination with pledged delegates, making it all the more ridiculous to expect the Super D's to force things against Barack. But AP headlines with a dramatic "Time, Delegate math working against Clinton."

In an LA Times article today
on the Robert Reich endorsement of Barack, Mark Barabak writes about how democrats are getting turned off by Hillary's aggressiveness:
The more aggressive her tack, polls suggest, the higher she drives her own negative standing with voters.

"She's in a box," said Democratic strategist Joe Trippi, who has stayed neutral since his candidate, former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, quit the race. "The more she does the thing she has to do, the more people don't like her.

But Hillary doesn't care about that box. She's worried about Barack winning the presidency, which would effectively box her out of running for the next 12 years (two terms of Obama and one run for his VP), at which time, she'd be as old as... John McCain!

So when people like Robert Reich jump off the fence and commit to Barack, its their way of telling her they don't like the game she's playing.

Which is sorta funny, because endorsements from the Robert Reich crowd don't help Barack, they hurt him. What does he need with more radicals lining up behind him? Barack's problem is that he is one of them, and he doesn't need anyone making that easier to prove.

But Hillary isn't much concerned over how high the hateometer. She wants to make sure that Barack is weakened for the general election so McCain can win, and the Init to Winnit, 40 year effort to become president can keep going for another 4 years.

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