Thursday, April 24, 2008


My new nickname for Barack is NPR.


Take a look at the results of NPR's listener survey. Who listens to National Peoples' Radio? The same folk who are driving Barack's campaign - the ones who are driving all those Volvos. Check it out:

NPR News listeners are 84% white.

They are 78% more likely to categorize themselves as "liberal" and 2.27 times more likely to categorize themselves as "very liberal."

They are 97% more likely to belong to a country club.

They are 8.86 times more likely to read The Atlantic Monthly, and 5.66 times more likely to read The New Yorker. They are 73% less likely to read The Source.

They prefer Leno to Letterman and Conan to Kilborn or Kimmel, but they do like Letterman 17% better than the rest of America.

They're about 2.5 times more likely to visit Europe.

They are 58% more likely than the average American to play Frisbee, and 3.72 times more likely to go cross-country skiing. They are 2.22 times more likely to do Yoga. They are also 30% less likely to watch Pro Wrestling on TV.

In their leisure time, they are 79% more likely to birdwatch, 67% more likely to play chess, and 42% more likely to collect electric trains.

They are 92 percent more likely to shop at Nordstrom.

They are 41% less likely to buy a rap CD, and 93% more likely to buy a New Age CD.

They are 81% more likely to own an espresso maker.

They are three times more likely to own a Volvo, three times more likely to own a Subaru, and 3.9 times more likely to own a Saab.

They are 68% more likely to buy soy milk, and 67% more likely to buy veggie burgers.

They are 56% more likely to have a housekeeper.

This is who supports Barack, which is why they didn't mind things like Pastor Wright and William Ayers and why they fell for the whole diversity story line.

This is why the better known Barack gets the tougher it is for him to win a primary.

Check out my friend Rick Moran's analysis of the Pennsylvania results at Right Wing Nuthouse:
And yes friends, it was a blow out. When you lose 62% of the white vote, that’s a blowout. When you lose 70% of the Catholic vote, that is a blowout. When you lose 57% of the Jewish vote, that’s a blowout. When you lose 58% of churchgoers, that is a blowout. When you lose 54% of workers making less than $50,000 a year (and win only those making less than $15,000 and more than $150,000), that’s a blowout. When you lose 63% of seniors, that’s a blowout. When you outspend your opponent by 3-1 and still lose by 10 points, that’s a blowout.
Notice that none of these blocks of voters are ones you'd expect to listen to NPR. That's why they won't vote for NPR.


Patrick said...

And they are 300% more likely to use canvas bags at the Whole Foods before loading those groceries in the carbon spewing Range Rover.

They keep me amused.

Todd Feinburg said...

I think you're being unfair, Patrick. Do you some of the Range Rovers are getting upwards of 15 miles per gallon these days?