Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good News for Hillary - We Hate Her More!

There's good news for Hillary in the new ABC News/Washington Post poll - she's getting remarkably less popular all the time.
Among all Americans, 58 percent now say she's not honest and not trustworthy, 16 points higher than in a precampaign poll two years ago. Obama beats her head-to-head on this attribute by a 23-point margin.

The number of Americans who see Clinton unfavorably overall has risen to a record high in ABC/Post polling, 54 percent -- up 14 points since January. Obama's unfavorable score has reached a new high as well, up 9 points, but to a lower 39 percent.

Why is this good news for Hillary? Because this is all she has left. She must try to do some real damage to Barack - to knock him off his pedestal. A couple of weeks ago, she might have played it cool on Barack's "Bitter" statement and let the story play itself out so she wouldn't offend Super Delegates, etc. But now there's only one election that matters - Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Either Hillary gets him good or its over. The good news for Hill is she's playing her hand, a weak one, as best she can.

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