Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sarah's Smile

While voters like Sarah Palin, her performance in last week's debate didn't seem to impress as being presidential.

While most voters surveyed hold a favorable view of Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee, most also say that she is not qualified to serve as president, should that situation present itself - 52 percent said no in a Pew Research Center survey conducted over the weekend among people who had been surveyed before the debate. Basically the same number that said so before the debate.

Is this the sexism that Democrats keep talking about?

Joe Biden, on the other hand, apparently did himself some good in the one vice presidential debate. The numbers holding a favorable view of the Democratic vice presidential nominee climbed from 54 to 63 percent after the debate - and the percentage of those surveyed saying that Biden is qualified to serve as president rose from 69 to 77 percent.

Sarah sure can attract a crowd.

Forty-one percent of all households tuned into the vice presidential debate, Nielsen has found - the second-most-watched of any presidential or vice presidential debate. And today, Nielsen reports that 61 percent of all households have watched at least one of the debates so far - the first one between presidential nominees Barack Obama and John McCain or the only one between Palin and Biden. Nielsen also has found that 30 percent tuned in to both debates.

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