Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Starbucks Factor

Just after getting introduced by a women's rights activist and NOW leader in LA over the weekend, Sarah Palin drew a reluctant Madelaine Albright into the conversation.
Albright, showing little class, backed off of her words of wisdom to be true to the tenets of the women's movement - we care about women getting ahead only when they follow the liberal dogma.


Peggy McGilligan said...

Sarah Palin’s Starbucks visit created quite a stir. Starbuck’s Quote #287: “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women,” first appeared on coffee cups during Hillary Clinton's bid for the presidency, about a year ago. The message was rather clear: vote for Hillary, or suffer eternal damnation. For Starbuck's to make it public, it must have had some redeeming social value. But speaking of old news did you know, Madeleine K. Albright, the quote’s originator, may or may not even believe in hell? According to my sketchy knowledge of theology, hell is a tenet of the Christian religion.

So, only Christian women who failed to vote for Hillary will be thrown into the pit. Madam Albright is a convert to the Episcopal Church. But believe you me, even though the church is a Christian denomination, certainly no real Episcopalian believes he or she shall be consigned to that place, much less a special place where the wicked are punished for declining to vote for Hillary. According to Ms. Albright, "Though I am flattered that Governor Palin has chosen to cite me as a source of wisdom, what I said had nothing to do with politics.” Were Madeleine to be believed, it’s just something she bellowed from a motel room window that was miraculously transcribed onto a paper cup. Honestly, to hear her tell it you’d think the woman had been chained to an oar: http://theseedsof9-11.com

Anonymous said...

Albright was, let me see, Bill Clinton's Secretary of State?? If a martian was running for the presidency with a (D) after its name, the WHOLE party would stand behind it. Talk about groupies...unbelievable.
These people have a very tough time speaking the truth.

Yankeegal said...

Just points out what hypocrites these "feminists" are. There is a real one running now.