Monday, June 2, 2008

Campaign Dollars

A new study shows that Democrats have spent more than twice as much on advertising than Republicans!
Democratic candidates have spent nearly $135 million on campaign advertising, compared to about $58 million for Republicans, according to the Wisconsin Advertising Project's analysis of data from TNS Media Intelligence/CMAG.
And Barack Obama's TV exposure has dramatically exceeded everybody else's.
Barack Obama has spent approximately $75 million on TV and other ads, more than the total amount spent by the entire Republican field, while Hillary Clinton has spent more than $46 million, the analysis found.
Now there's some evidence of just what a weak candidate Barack is. He gets his butt kicked by Hillary over the last 3 months of the campaign while outspending her by $29 million on advertising, and he's running about even with John McCain despite having spent more on advertising than all Republicans combined.

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