Sunday, June 1, 2008

Barack's Pfleger Lies

The Obama campaign is spinning Barack's church departure as "a deeply personal decision," having nothing to do with politics, even thought the number one reason Barack cited was guilt by association.
He said it was clear that, since he was a presidential candidate, any remarks made at Trinity by any speaker "will be imputed to me, even if they conflict" with his stated views and values.
Does that sound like a deeply personal decision, or a deeply political one?
Truth is, it didn't even occur to them to consider its impact on the campaign, eh? If you believe that one, there's a political financier on trial who has a piece of land he'd like to swap with you in Chicago.
If you want to see just how serious Barack's ties to racism and bigotry are for the campaign, just listen to how lame they sound putting their best deflection forward. This is former Michigan Congressman David Bonior on Fox today:

But you know, let's look at this. I mean, we've had a number of pastors in this campaign and religious leaders in this campaign express views that candidates don't agree with.

I mean, John McCain was going after John Hagee, Pastor Hagee's support. And Pastor Hagee said some things, and John McCain divided himself or divorced himself from Pastor Hagee.

So you know, we've had this happen in campaigns. And it's important for the candidates to speak out against these type of outrageous and divisive remarks.

Why was Barack so willing to partner with such disgusting, divisive people if they so contradict what he believes in? It's got to be that he's just Bobby Kennedy ruthless and ambitious. Anything goes in the pursuit of power.

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