Sunday, June 1, 2008

How Much Has America Changed?

Because mainstream America doesn't believe in the things the Democratic Party believes, the party has put together a coalition of special interests as a way to win elections.

They start with the roughly 1/3 of the population that automatically votes against the other party. Their partnership with the unions brings them traditional blue collar support. Then they bring in minorities by offering them social programs, by fighting for the right to come into the country illegally, and by pretending to care about urban America, which under their management has been decimated.

They adopt the gay agenda and get activism and money in return. And their expansion of government, and gifting of excessive benefits to government workers, puts them into a relationship with those workers that gets them votes, but which is crippling America.

The nature of this tragedy can be seen today in a story from Portland, Oregon:

Organized labor -- public employee unions in particular -- spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and uncounted volunteer hours on Oregon's May 20 primary elections.

It all paid off.

Most candidates with union backing won. Candidates in union doghouses lost.

The net result was a monster victory for labor groups that helped solidify their role as one of the state's top power brokers.

This creates an obvious conflict of interest. The money that funds the campaigns of democrats is tax dollars paid to government workers. The will of the people is not done by their elected officials, the will of the unions is done. This is why, for example, education will never be fixed with Democrats around. They claim to care about education, but in reality they care about the agenda of the teachers unions. The teachers unions don't care about education, they care about protecting what they've got and expanding it.

The outcome left Republicans grumbling about the increasing influence of unions in state government. And it left little doubt that labor's agenda will get red-carpet treatment when the 2009 Legislature meets in January.

So what do the unions want for their investment?

Union organizers said they would continue to press for better health coverage, especially for children, for better staffing levels at adult foster care centers, for state programs that add union jobs to the economy and for more bargaining and organizing rights.

The question in this election is, how much has the Democrats attempt to distort the country actually changed the country? Has the power shifted so much, and the values changed so much, that a man who built his political career through ties with the most radical and divisive people imaginable win the presidency.

That's a big part of what this election is about. And Barack talks about it. The tipping point where new (yes to illegal immigration, yes to liberal racism, yes to free sex change operations for criminals, yes to free and private contraception for minors in school, yes to giving diplomas to people who haven't learned anything, yes to America being weak) takes over from old (values, strength, pride in country.)

That's what we're voting for this year. The turning point when America will decide if it wants to throw out, forever, the vision that America was built upon.


Anonymous said...

I think there's better than a 50/50 chance Barack *****HUSSEIN***** Obama (emphasizing his middle name is so much fun as it drives the left nuts) is our next president.

Has John McPain begun campaigning yet? (Although you Todd have done more to get me to possibly vote McCain with your recent Susan Sarandon post than McCain's campaign ever has.)


D. R. Tucker said...

As I've said before, this is a race between "God Bless America" (McCain) and "God Damn America" (Obama).