Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Big EnDorsment for Barack!

It's unclear if this is a coordinated effort - yesterday, Fidel Castro endorsed Barack, and today comes a similar vote of confidence from Chuck D!
Speaking to NME.COM, Chuck D said: "I think Barack Obama is the right man for the job, but maybe in the wrong country right about now that will be able to treat it right and give him the pressures that will not allow him to do the job."
It's hard to know for sure, but we think that means he's supporting Barack but he thinks that because he's black, the country won't cooperate with him and his leadership will be a failure.
He also explained his doubts about Obama's rival, Hillary Clinton, saying: "I did originally think they were going to be a dream team together but Hillary has put so much foot in her mouth it makes that a rather difficult thing to look at."
Whatever. It's still another democratic leader jumping on the the Barack bandwagon.

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