Sunday, May 11, 2008

Harry Reid's Slime

On with Stephanopoulos this morning, Majority Leader Harry Reid made a big deal about John McCain's character, repeatedly mentioning his temper. He also talked about how McCain has changed from the time when Reid was trying to get him to flip parties, saying that was before he became an extension of George Bush.

This is Barack's new kind of politics?

Meanwhile, an Obama superdelegate brought up McCain's Keating Five Savings and Loan history while introducing Barack the other day. Obama was asked if this was an appropriate area of discussion:
“I don’t have any doubt that John McCain’s public record about issues that he’s apologized for and written about is not germane to the presidency,” Obama continued referencing an earlier question, “You know, I was just asked previously about a whole host of issues and associations that were a lot more flimsy than John McCain’s relationship to Keating Five. What I’ve said is, you know, I can’t quarrel with the American people wanting to know more about that and me having to answer questions about that.”
The I can't quarrel part is funny. Didn't Barack act like it was some sort of criminal offense when he was asked questions about Reverend Wright during the last debate?

So if Keating is on the table, that must mean that Barack's shady land deal with the Rezko's will be treated as fair game. And what about a discussion on Black Liberation Theology? Barack's friendship with the bombers?

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Anonymous said...

This is the fun in being for none of the above-I can laugh as The New York Times goes after its former "maverick" Republican John McPain, I can enjoy the inquiries into Barack *****HUSSEIN***** Obama's personal life and business dealings, and I can enjoy the political downfall of the "alleged" (that always means "guilty") rapist's wife (even though I still "support" her among the three options).

If it's John McPain vs. Barack *****HUSSEIN***** Obama this November, get ready to say President Barack *****HUSSEIN***** Obama. He's got a growing "wronged" minority population on his side, he's got the growing moonbat population on his side, and white males who sleep with women are too busy working and paying the taxes to stop this train at full speed ahead.