Monday, May 19, 2008

Bareknuckled Fun

Now we’re talking.

Barack and McCain are mixing it up, with Barack throwing his ‘business as usual’ accusations at the Arizona Senator, and McCain responding with Barack’s bizarre choice of friends:

…it does appear that over the last several weeks John McCain keeps on having problems with his top advisers being lobbyists -- in some cases for foreign governments or other big interests that are doing business in Washington," the Democrat said. "That I don’t think represents the kind of change that the American people are looking for."

McCain went for the jugular on this barb, raising the issue of Barack hanging around with supporters who once bombed buildings in a war against their own government:

(McCain spokesman Tucker) Bounds said that "just a few years ago when Barack Obama was beginning his career in politics he was launching it at the home of William Ayers, an unrepentant domestic terrorist who his chief strategist said Senator Obama was certainly friendly with. If Barack Obama is going to make associations the issue, we look forward to the debate about Senator Obama's associations and what they say about his judgment and readiness to be commander in chief."

In the eyes of liberals, George Bush is worse than Jeremiah Wright. In the eyes of liberals, there’s nothing wrong with accepting political support and serving on boards with a guy who’s disappointed that when he was young and foolish he didn’t make more attacks against the United States.

Liberals hire unrepentant bombers to be college professors and are shocked that you’d hold his early career decisions against him. So what if he was a member of the Weathermen?

It’s fun to hear McCain being this tough on Obama, but it may be that McCain is playing into Barack’s hands, that it’s his intention to have McCain firing these rounds early in the campaign. He knows it’s going to be on the table, so why not have at it now when fewer people are caring. Then, when McCain tries to bring up Barack’s bomber friends up in the fall, he can claim a ‘been there, done that’ on McCain.

Nevertheless, I don't think McCain has any choice but to start defining Barack now as the oddball leftist that he is, just as he's being defined as a continuation of George Bush.

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