Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Barack's Running Mate

Barack's running mate has been revealed.

Not Hillary. Not John Edwards. Not even Evan Bayh.
Bob Barr, a onetime Republican congressman from Georgia, on Monday announced his plan to run for president as a Libertarian, promising to rein in federal spending and limit military involvement abroad.

"The government has run amok fiscally," Barr said at a news conference. During the first quarter of this year, he said, the private sector lost millions of jobs while the federal government was "hiring with enthusiasm."

Barr, who left the Republican Party two years ago, is expected to win the Libertarian Party's nomination during its convention this month in Denver.
Barr is the guy who could be Barack's real running mate, who working in unorchestrated tandem with the democratic nominee, could be the deciding factor in denying John McCain the White House.
Barr confirmed that he was asked by McCain supporters not to run, but he defended his decision, saying that "American voters deserve better than simply the lesser of two evils."
Some argue that Barr's entry automatically is bad news for the GOP says consultant Christopher Barron:
I could actually envision a scenario under which Barr's candidacy actually helps McCain by siphoning off some of the enthusiasm among college voters and antiwar advocates for Obama."

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