Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Politics

Under Barack's new politics, McCain gets attacked for holding a fundraiser that is closed to the press:
On Tuesday, likely Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama slammed GOP rival Sen. John McCain for holding a fund-raiser with President Bush with "no reporters'' around.
It's true, John McCain wants the money the President can help raise, but doesn't want to pay the political price of being seen with him. It's outrageous, this lack of transparency, and would never happen under the rules of the "new politics" that Barack represents.
Today, Michelle Obama is headlining a fund-raiser in California for Hollywood elites that the campaign did not announce.
Wait. California? Wasn't it in California where Barack was secretly recorded by a supporter, with no media around, telling a group of elite donors about how the little people cling to their gun and religion?

The comments came to light as a result of the Huffington Post's groundbreaking experiment in citizen journalism, Off The Bus. The website runs a network of about 1,800 unpaid researchers, interviewers and writers.

One of those writers, Mayhill Fowler, broke the story, despite being a paid-up supporter of Obama. She attended a fundraising event in San Francisco on April 6 and recorded Obama's speech.

Fowler sat on the material for days, conflicted about what to do with it. She only published the comments last Friday.

"She had some real reservations about the story as an Obama supporter," Amanda Michel, the director of Off The Bus, told the Guardian. "But she thought as a citizen journalist she had a duty to report the event, despite her support for Barack Obama."

Sure is funny how sometimes the new politics looks so much like the old, isn't it?

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