Wednesday, May 7, 2008

McGovern and Barack

The closest thing to George McGovern to happen to Democrats in the past 35 years is Barack Obama, so it's some sort of poetic justice that the guy who won only one state way back when, the 1972 candidate of hope, is stepping forward to help out another Hopeful Hoper:
Clinton showed no sign of surrender in the presidential race, but former Sen. George McGovern, the party's 1972 presidential candidate, urged her to reconsider.
Yup - the original anti-war candidate has offered his endorsement for the guy who is so against the war in Iraq that he actually gave a speech against it several years ago. (Where is Barack's Profiles in Courage award?) Word of McGovern's intervention must have pulled the entire Clinton family to the breakfast table to consider the implications as they gulped down their Cheerio's.

McGovern said he had a call in to former President Clinton to tell him of the decision, adding that he remains close friends with the Clintons.
"I will hold them in affection and admiration all of my days," he said of the Clintons.
It must be very depressing to have democrats for friends. George McGovern, Bill Richardson, Joe Andrew, etc... the minute the going gets tough, they can't wait to throw you under the Barus.

McGovern's announcement comes a day before Clinton was scheduled to travel to South Dakota to campaign. The state holds its primary June 3 with 15 pledged delegates at stake.

McGovern said he had no regrets about endorsing Hillary Clinton months ago, even before the Iowa caucuses.

"She has run a valiant campaign. And she will remain an influential voice in the American future," he said.

Meanwhile, the Obama camp is already releasing the names of superdelegates committed to Barack, as it seeks to continue the big mo established last night.
Barack Obama pocketed the support of at least four Democratic convention superdelegates on Wednesday, building on the momentum from a convincing North Carolina primary victory. Rival Hillary Rodham Clinton disclosed she had loaned her strapped campaign an additional $6.4 million in recent weeks.
Yup, Barack only lost by a little last night, and for democrats these day, that's what they call a big win.

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