Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Can't Win Election

Dick Morris nicely sums up the McCain/Obama race like this:

A candidate who cannot get elected is being nominated by a party that cannot be defeated, while a candidate who is eminently electable is running as the nominee of a party doomed to defeat.

It's as simple as that, which is why this race is so confusing. Barack is entirely unelectable, as is the generic republican nominee. This takes the lesser of two evils into complicated territory. Morris says McCain can still win despite the awful hand he's been dealt:
...a tanking economy, an unpopular war, a Republican incumbent whose approval ratings are at their all-time low and a gloomy national mood, with 82 percent of Americans saying in a Washington Post-ABC News poll last week that the country is on the wrong track. Political scientists add all that up and predict that the Democrats are destined to win the White House.
The key for McCain, according to Dick, is to keep to the center because the GOP base doesn't need to be coaxed to vote for him thanks to Pastor Wright.
The growing fear of Obama, who remains something of an unknown, will drag every last white Republican male off the golf course to vote for McCain, and he will need no further laying-on of hands from either evangelical Christians or fiscal conservatives.
McCain needs to play to his maverick image and attack things like corporate greed, congressional earmarks and the poison of Hollywood, and he must nullify Barack on Iraq by revealing Barack's big lie (my words) on removing troops on a 16 month timetable:

The solution is to draw Obama out -- to ask the untested senator what he would do if al-Qaeda in Iraq took over the country . . . or if Iran did . . . or if the Iraqis who backed the U.S. mission were being slaughtered by the thousands . . . or if Islamist terrorists seized control of the country's oil wealth.

Obama, not wanting to appear weak, would no doubt rise to the bait and agree that he might need to send troops back in under certain conditions. He would assure us that sufficient forces would be available at nearby bases to get the job done. To avoid coming across as indecisive and timid, he would put on a sufficiently hawkish face to reassure the voters. And in doing so, he would blur the war issue vis-a-vis McCain.
By following the Morris template, Dick says a McCain win can be achieved:
The American public will not ultimately doubt Obama's patriotism; that is a bridge too far. But we will come to think less of his credibility and strength as he fumbles his way through awkward denials. Obama's ex-pastor may have faded in the primary fight with Clinton, but Wright will loom larger in the general election. McCain is in an excellent position to exploit the openings that Obama will offer -- if, and only if, he moves to the center.


elme said...

This Presidential Election is not about skin (color/ "race"), or gender, or liberal vs. conservative.

Its about .... BIG MONEY --- and 29 nuclear power plants.

WHY has MSNBC/NBC, CBS (& FOX & CNN) been putting out PRO-Obama/Anti-Clinton PROPAGANDA...everyday all day long - since last November?

ANSWER: Because Obama is PRO-Nuclear & he voted FOR the Cheney Energy Bill; Clinton is NOT Pro-Nuke & Voted AGAINST the Cheney Energy Bill.

GE owns MSNBC/NBC, Westinghouse owns CBS ... & Thanks to the Cheney Energy Bill they are planning to reap BILLIONS in profits (Risk-Free) from building 29 new nukes AND from 30-40 years of HIGHER ELECTRICITY RATES.

(GE & Westinghouse have been pumping $Billions of ADVERTISING dollars for all their PRODUCTS - Into Every FORM of MEDIA, for generations.)

Other participants in Cheney's NExt Big
---ENERGY RIPoff---
Excelon Corp. of ILLINOIS, Entergy (owners of many utilities in the Southern States); 3 consortiums of nuke industry corporations.

McCain voted for the Cheney Energy Bill & has already said on the campaign trail: "I have to remember to say ... its absoultely necessary build nuclear power plants."

Cheney, GE, Westinghouse ( NBC,MSNBC,CNN,FOX,CBS;The MEDIA)... the nuke industry...Are running Obama AND McCain for President.

The only way we are going to get the NEW Clean Green ENERGY Technology/ECONOMY we NEED is the election of Clinton to the Presidency. We cannot afford to squander hundreds of $Billions on Obsolete 70-yr old nuclear power plants.

Last week's NEWS: The governor of South Carolina is refusing to allow the Federal govt. to ship 30 tons of plutonium into South Carolina---until the Feds provide him with a written agreement that the Feds will --REMOVE-- the plutonium from South Carolina---in the event their plans to produce nuke reactor FUEL are --- unsuccessful.

Looks like the govt. wants to move 30 TONS of plutonium from the western states to South Carolina to locate it closer to the 29 nukes to be built in many of the Eastern & Southern states.

(See Map at NY Times LINK: )

(BTW a microscopic particle of plutonium, once inhaled, will kill you from lung cancer in about a week.)

Plans to build those nuclear power plants are well advanced - with licensing hearings already scheduled for the first few.

If you think nukes are ok... just
GOOGLE: Rocky Flats Denver plutonium, and, Hanford WA nuclear waste.

OBAMA = NO Experience Getting CHANGES made,
His whole campaign is based on ONE Big LIE:

Obama claims 7 years experience in the Illinois legislature - Working Across the Aisles, Bringing people together to get good CHANGES passed -as exemplified by 26 good bills with his name on them.

A Chicago reporter says all 26 bills were passed in ONE Year and they were NOT Obama's.

But what’s interesting, and almost never discussed, is that he built his entire legislative record in Illinois in a single year.

Republicans controlled the Illinois General Assembly for six years of Obama’s seven-year tenure.

Then Emil Jones Jr. (became the Senate Majority leader), He became Obama’s kingmaker. Jones appointed Obama sponsor of virtually every high-profile piece of legislation, angering many rank-and-file state legislators who had more seniority than Obama and had spent years championing the bills.

During his seventh year in the state Senate, Obama ... sponsored a whopping 26 bills including many he now cites in his presidential campaign when attacked as inexperienced.

Working Across the Aisles/

Taking Credit for Other People's

Obama's book "Audacity..." confirms those 26 bills were passed in the last year Obama was in the Illinois legislature
--when--Democrats had a majority.

"After two terms during which I labored in the minority, Democrats had gained control of the state senate, and I had subsequently passed a slew of bills, from reforms of the Illinois death penalty system to an expansion of the state’s health program for kids. I had continued to teach at the University of Chicago Law School, a job I enjoyed, and was frequently invited to speak around town."

PLEASE Pass the Word. Since the TV "News" has now become nothing but Obama Propaganda, its up to We The People to get the Real News out.

Todd Feinburg said...

so why didn't Hillary just support nukes?