Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hillary Was Right!

Hillary is right. The world, and the democratic party, is wrong.

We've had a couple of months now of requests and demands that Hillary get out of the race. It's over, we've been told many times. The explanation - Hillary can't catch up in pledged delegates.
....former Sen. Tom Daschle, a key Obama adviser, said now is the time for Democrats to coalesce behind Obama in order to defeat Republican nominee-in-waiting John McCain.
Who is he to say? Hillary supporters aren't buying it, and why should they?
In a full page ad in The New York Times, Clinton’s female supporters demanded she stay in the race despite overwhelming odds.
What if Hillary had won Oregon to go along with her Kentucky victory. What would people be saying then? The angst would be palpable - Super D's far and wide would be on the phone, comparing notes, wondering how to save the party from the obvious disaster of a Barack nomination. And they would find a way out.

That's not how the story played out, as it turns out, but consider how easily it could have. Which means that Hillary was right to keep going.

And, it means she's got a good point that democrats can't ignore - they've got a problem with the Barack candidacy. If all it would have taken would have been a few point swing in Oregon for the party to be suffering palpitations, then certainly they should be very concerned even with Barack winning Oregon.

How many nominees can you recall who got beat so regularly long after everyone knew that the race was over?

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