Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Biggest Phony

In case Barack's personal Mafia isn't scary enough for you, the usual suspects are lining up to join his team. John Edwards, the phoniest twirp in all of politics is now on the team.
It's perfect, and not accidental timing, for the freshman senator as it will shift the political conversation away from Sen. Hillary Clinton's lopsided victory in West Virginia Tuesday.
The major shift, actually, takes place in our stomachs. The only surprise would have been if he had endorsed Hillary. Had he done that, there'd be some grudging respect due.


Anonymous said...

Not to worry, John Edwards would never do anything worthy of any respect.

His specialties are running around "not talking" about his dead son and exploiting his wife's health when running for office. John Edwards is into talking about poverty with New York Times reporters from his 28,000 square foot mansion in North Carolina, and when it comes time to fire back at Ann Coulter for comments she's made about John Edwards, girlie-boy Edwards throws his wife on Chris Matthews' show to fire verbal blanks at guest Coulter on live TV. (He must have been tied up in the salon.)

Anonymous said...

BTW, great blog Todd!


Todd Feinburg said...

thanks Joe!